Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear People That Buy Me Christmas Gifts,

First of all, I want to thank you for wanting to spend your hard-earned money on me. You really don't have to get me anything, honestly. I really don't need anything.

However, if you INSIST, I would be very, indescribably happy to receive this mug. It is from a post of one of my favorite blogs (that is slightly vulgar so please don't go read it unless you can ignore foul language).

Here it is in its entirety (click to enlarge):

(All of this stuff is from Hyperbole and a Half and is owned by Allie Brosh. Some of her posts are very... bold. It is not for the faint of heart and the fact that I think it is hilarious should not tell you anything about my character as a person... Or it should tell you everything. Whatever. I like all people even if they are "out there".)

SO, anyways, Allie has a blog and she writes and draws. She is also hilarious. And she started up a store and this is Close Talker is the mug I would like. You may purchase it here. And I may or may not freak out if I get it. Cause its darn hilarious. 

Be prepared for squealing and possibly some jumps up and down. Because not only are you supplying me with an insane amount of laughter each and every time I look at the mug, but you are also contributing to my coffee habit. And for that, I thank you. 




  1. I'm totally NOT going to buy this for you. Hahaha I'm evil.

  2. When DON'T I? I'm like a giant walking problem. *sigh* I just get stubborn and continue submitting until it lets me....that'll learn it to defy me! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH


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