Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emailing Me Crazy

When I first started to follow design blogs, I learned that a great way to get free design fodder was to subscribe to emails. One afternoon, I must have just gone bat-crap crazy, because for the past year and a half I have had at least 200 emails a WEEK. And guess how many emails I would actually click on to look at? Maybe five or six a month. Just two days ago, I deleted 250 unread entries from my inbox. Ick.

This was my inbox yesterday:


When I signed up for these emails, I had no idea that the businesses would push out a new email every single ding-dang DAY.

I've got a husband that requires more attention than all of Lindsay Lohans' crotchless pictures combined... times 50. I've got one pregnant sister that is planning a shower, one sister that is five hours away that probably wants to pulverize me for NEVER CALLING her... (Hi Alison!) Friends that need me as much as I need them. A disaster of a home. More laundry to wash, dry, fold/hang and put away than I even want to think of. Dinner to make. Dog drool to step in and a moody cat to smother mother.  Not to mention, work, miscellaneous errands, grocery store trips, the siren song of the DVR and Christmas crafts.

Do they honestly think that the thing I want most, in this modern-day, busy, crazy life, is to sit on my arse and see their dumb marketing emails every single day, including my precious weekends? They can just go fly a stinkin' kite for all I care.

To be honest, sometimes when I don't want to deal with something, I can withdraw. And I did, for the whole year that all these emails were plaguing me. I didn't want to have to go through each email and unsubscribe. Yesterday, I had enough. I couldn't deal with my Freecycle, Wuslu and Groupon and more personal emails getting lost in the shuffle.

I went through each darn email and clicked unsubscribe. And guess what most of them offered me?

A monthly option.



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