Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finger Diarrhea and Other Nonsense

I've heard that when you have nothing to blog you should still blog. What I haven't heard is what to blog about when you have nothing of substance to write?

I suppose I will write some quick updates.

-A few days ago, or maybe it was yesterday...Who knows. The days really just bleed together. Anywho. My cell phone at work rang. When I picked it up, there were about four large paper clips magnetically stuck to the speaker on the back of my phone. Of course, right at that time a coworker walked by and laughed at me because I just left the paper clips there. I'm classy like that.

-There are a few things that Bryan and I really want to focus on in this second year of marriage. We both want to find a church and get plugged in. We want to make new coupley-married friends so that we can all talk about coupley-married things. We want to set a budget, stick to it and save money. Bryan wants me to clean more. I want Bryan to clean more. I also want Bryan to brush his dog. Bryan probably wants me to stop losing all my hair. (What is up with that anyways? It must be the changing in the weather, because my side of the sink always has hair every where. Argh.) I want Bryan to get his own dang towel in the morning instead of me handing it to him. No one hands ME a towel when I am done in the shower. I have to step out and around the glass door and then run back in the shower to dry off and not freeze. (Bitter much?) I'd also like Bryan to stop looking like a ragamuffin and cut his DANG hair. Bryan probably wants me to stop whining about how I hate my hair and can't figure out what to do with it. Also, he probably wants me to stop whining about how his hair looks. Well, you can't win them all, darling!

-Personally, I need to change my habits. I would love for my day to go something like this:
                  6:30 - Wake up and get dressed.
                  6:45 - Leave the house to jog
                  7:15 - Get home and take a shower.
                  7:30 - Get ready for work
                  8:15 - Leave for work
                  4:45 - Get home from work
                  4:48 - Change into work out clothes
                  4:55 - Get dinner prepared and work out.
                  6:15ish - Eat
                  7:00 - Clean something - anything! Except the kitchen... Bryan is doing that.
                  7:30 - Take a shower
                  8:00 - Pop in a load of laundry
                  8:15 - Watch a movie and\or TV and blog.
                 10:30 - Go to sleep.

This is how my day looks:
                 7:10 - Wake up and turn on the shower.
                 7:11 - Go back to bed to wait for the water to get hot.
                 7:13 - Get up because the water is ALMOST hot.
                 7:15 - Get in shower, forget the face-wash, get out of shower, get everything wet, grab face-wash, get back in shower.
                 7:16 - Do showering business.
                 7:30 - Get ready for work.
                 7:45 - Watch Bryan get ready for work in half the time it takes you and curse the universe for have to be a girl.
                 8:17 - Leave for work
                12:00-12:15 - Eat while writing a quick blog.
                 4:15 - Get home from work. Read the mail, have a snack, piddle around the house, sit around and do nothing OR go run errands with sister/Denise/or by myself.
                 5:30 - Bryan gets home... YAY!
                 5:45 - Get frustrated because Bryan is already being annoying.
                 6:00 - Start dinner/go out to dinner/wait for dinner-mates to be ready for dinner.
                 7:00 - Eat
                 7:30 - Sit on my bottom and watch a movie/watch tv/go to a movie/go hang out with people/nothing constructive.
                 11:30 - Complain to Bryan that I want to go to bed.
                 11:31 - Bryan complains because I get up to go to bed.
                 11:35 - Get done washing face and get in bed, lights off. Sigh-of-relief.
                 11:42 - Bryan comes into room, turns on lights, takes forever to get in bed.
                 11.55 - Remind myself that I could go to jail if I kill Bryan.
                 12:00 - Lights off and I pass out, much to Bryan's dismay..... if you know what I mean. :)

Do you see the difference? Do you know that I cannot for the life of me freaking just DO IT? Ugh. So over myself. How do people do it? And I don't even have KIDS yet. Oh Lord. That is gonna be so hard.

Side-note: I'm usually pretty good at getting up early in the morning if someone is already up. I am a morning person. I loved getting up with my mom, having a cup of coffee (or cereal) and watching the news. If Bryan were an early riser, I would get up too. But he isn't. I don't wake up early because I don't have anything to wake up FOR.

-My love handles are taking over my entire body. Must, must get into shape. Not even that. Just get HEALTHY. And I know those unwanted enemies will go bye-bye. I am excited because I brought some fruit to eat today, instead of Halloween candy. One step in the right direction!

How about those quick updates? About as quick as a sloth, huh? Well, apparently what they say is true. If you have nothing to blog about, blog anyways.

Because, you'll just have diarrhea of the fingers.....

Sorry for the mental picture.


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