Friday, January 30, 2015

I Sat Down to Edit

And it's out of focus.


Oh well. I was thinking of all these things I wanted to blog about tonight as I was getting Shepherd ready for bed and now that I'm here looking at the computer it's just gone.

This is how my week has been.

OH! Okay. I remembered.

You guys know that I generally write the evening prior to the post's publication right? Wednesday's post was written Tuesday night. My entries are scheduled for 3:15am because my blog tells me I have a few readers on the east coast. So, I post to make sure that it's up by the time people start to rise on the east coast.

It shows I care. However, I don't care enough to actually wake up to blog at that time of day, thus, the typing goes down the night before. Sorry, east coasters! Ha. Coasters!

All that to say, when I blogged on Tuesday night (for the post that went live on Wednesday morning) I was blissfully unaware of what that particular hump day had in store for me.

I woke up in the morning thinking, yeah! I'm gonna make this day my b*tch! And then I realized I woke up late. I zoomed out of bed and mentally crossed off actually styling my hair because that's what I do when I'm late. I weigh what is essential and what is not.

I threw my hair in a pony because making coffee and a smoothie were more important tasks.

I pour the almond milk in the pitcher and I flipped the switch on that latte maker with a desperation I had never known before. As that magical machine was whirring it's little Mr. Coffee heart out I got started on the smoothie.

Frozen banana? Check.

Frozen blueberries? Check.

Greek Yogurt? Check.

Protein powder?

Check. Check. Check. Check.

I put the top on my chopper thing and hold down the button. I check it a few times, looking smooth! I'm using a Cuisinart Immersion Chopper thing and I'm taking a chance that I won't have to chew my smoothie.

I hear the latte maker stop and my coffee lovin' heart starts to beat quickly. I turn around and what do I see?


Of course, I'm trying to be healthy and save money and it backfires. Argh!!

I clean it up as quickly as possible while having a panic attack. Is my beloved latte maker broken? I check everything and nope, it's fine. Operator Error. You know the piece in a coffee pot that holds the filter? Yeah. It works better when it's actually used.

I pour what little almond milk/coffee latte is in the pitcher into a cup, rinse and reset everything to make another. I cross the small kitchen to the other side to keep grinding the smoothie.

It's looking good, so I pour it into the smoothie bottle and go back to the latte. I fill up my travel mug and the little bit that is left I pour into a mug, figuring that I would sip it while I throw some makeup on my face.

I taste it from the mug and its DISGUSTING. I think the latte maker burned the almond milk but it tasted like burned almonds. It was horrible. So wrong. I spit it out and dumped the mug and the travel mug in the sink. I grabbed the smoothie and took a big swig because I needed to erase the fowl latte from my taste-buds and almost vomited right there.

The smoothie was chunky. Extremely. Like... can't swallow without chewing. Ick! It was also not nearly cold enough.

I had to run an errand for work and got stuck behind that spanned across the entire town. I got to work and my boss was not happy.

In summary, Wednesday made me her b*tch.


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