Monday, January 5, 2015

ETC Vlog: New Year Party!

We did it! We successfully vlogged our New Years Eve celebration! My plan for 2015 is to incorporate more video onto the blog - not just for the blog itself, but for my own memories. It is a huge step for us.

My writing is always honest and mostly, extremely candid. I can write while experiencing a multitude of emotions and while you may feel it in the words I use, you can't see it. It is extremely personal to put emotion, to put a body that you aren't happy with or proud of, or a dirty house on video for all to see. I can't help but feel exposed.

But, this is our life. This body is my body and my house is my house. I'm walking it, living it and just as I want to write about it, I want to capture it. This is Shepherd's childhood and while we snap photos on our phones all the time, I rarely capture video. My new goal for 2015 is to capture more real life on video - and to share it on my blog.

I hope that you enjoy it. This is new, but I'm hoping you will trust me and know that I wouldn't make such a decision lightly. I'm going to be as real and as vulnerable on camera as I am in my writing.

But hopefully I don't ugly cry.


So, without further ado - this is how we rang in the new year!


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