Friday, December 3, 2010

Coal As In Charcoal?

Back story: Denise and I both work at schools. Even though mine is better. Anywho. We exchanged lunch menus  just in case we want to go to each others school for lunch that day. We emailed Decembers, and we had a conversation about the colors of the menu. The email conversation is colored in green. 

Psst. If you read our conversation yesterday, you should have seen some of this mentioned.


Denise: Why you gotta copy us with the green paper????

Me: …. Its december. And Christmas. And Red=negative account [balances]. What OTHER color are we supposed to use? Plus, I’m sure that Jessica’s was done first cause she does hers like 6 months before. Cause she is OCD. In a good way though. Not like in a touching the knob of a door 7.85 times before entering kind of way. But, a having things organized and done early kind of way.

D: I’m telling her you said that. Gosh, you can be so rude sometimes. I don’t know why people are friends with you.

M: What does that say about you?

D: I only pretend to be your friend so you’ll buy me Christmas and Birthday gifts. :)


-Beep, riiiiiiing, Thank you for calling-Beep,Beep,Beep. Riiiiiing.
"This is Denise."

"Hey, it's Me. Where can I get some coal?"

"Uhhh... Coal? As in... Charcoal? Save Mart! When you go through the middle door go to the left and it is  in the front."

"Oh, okay thanks. Bye!"




M: Well great. I’m gonna go to Savemart and get you some coal because YOU SUCK.


The only flaw? Colleen, Denise and I are making gifts. How does one MAKE coal? 


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