Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Mad and I'm Heartbroken

In 2001 this man decided to create a website.

Do you recognize him? This gentleman's name is Noel Biderman. Ring any bells? No? Okay, this man is the person who is responsible for unleashing a marketing blitz that contained this on a billboard in LA:

And this one in New York:

This man, Noel Biderman, created a haven for men and woman to pay a fee, log on, and find a person to have an affair with that would give them complete discretion.

What is WORSE than this "man" starting this website? TWO AND A HALF MILLION people have joined this website.

How sick and how sad. Mr. Biderman has facilitated the act of deceit in a marriage. He has created a place where people can come guilt free to have an affair. What destruction. I'm sure that his website has helped the fall of many marriages and families. This man has helped cause pain and suffering in peoples lives.

But he can't be solely to blame. He may have created this website, but he created it because he saw that there was a market for it. He saw how many people have affairs, how many people want to. He knew that he could become a rich man because of the market for adultery.

This is what makes me angry. It makes me angry that people are so selfish and consumed with sexual temptation that they will cheat on someone else. Why not just leave? Why do complete damage? Why tear your wife/husband to shreds because you can't keep the buttons on your pants closed? To think of all the children that are affected by this. The trust issues that it leaves on your partner and your children.

It seriously breaks my heart.


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