Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Standing Tall

This week has seriously been a trying one for me. Monday was an awful horrid day and on top of everything else I had to move. Moving is so tedious, so stressful. I am seriously so glad that I'm going to be in this house for a while.

Back to the awfulness that was my Monday... It wasn't just a simple, 'case of the Monday's'. It was far worse. I was woken up by my roommate - sorry, ex-roommate, letting me know I had a flat tire. Then, we realized through a series of events, that it was not a random vandalism, but that it was intentionally done to hurt me, or punish me for some reason.

I don't know what kind of person would do this. I honestly don't. I have traveled to the far corners of my brain to try to think of someone that hates me so much that they would do physical harm to my vehicle. And not just my vehicle. They slashed one tire and attempted to do the next, but it didn't quite go all the way. Thank God I drove slow to work, because if I hadn't the tire would have had a blow-out, which could have caused me to be seriously hurt, or even my Dad, who took Skeeter to be repaired... Not to mention if it had caused an accident with another vehicle.

It was a really hard day. Thankfully I had the support of my family and friends to help get me through it. I don't know if the person responsible will read this blog, but if so, I do hope you think twice before hurting my vehicle or someone else's vehicle in the future. You aren't just causing monetary damage. You could possibly cost someone their life with your foolish decisions.

I just reread the last couple of lines and realized my "Mom Voice" was totally in full effect. :)

Anyways, the full weight of having a long distance relationship with Michael hit on Monday. After having such a horrible day, all I wanted was a big bear hug from him and for him to tell me everything would be okay. Unfortunately, with a long distance relationship you miss out on those little bonding moments. The chance to make your significant other laugh when they are mad, or to take them on some type of adventure to divert their troubled mind. It also doesn't help when you are female and having a day that makes you a tad emotionally unstable. Those moments make me wish I had the no nonsense, all literal mind many men have.

I survived Monday, am still in the process of moving into the new Casa, working out the kinks of having a Jack and Jill style bathroom with Denise and getting used to the sounds an old house makes.

All in all, I won't let days like Monday get me down, especially when I have so much to be happy about.



  1. So sorry your tires got slashed. Why didn't you tell me? We've talked like 3 times since then...

    As for the long'll survive it; I did. Its a great test for a relationship. And thank God for the internet, phone, etc. Can you imagine how difficult it would be without those things?! But I totally understand. It is hard.

    Love ya babe. Call whenever.


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