Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Happier Place...

For the most part, last week was not very good. Not very good at all. My boss, Kim, was out sick with the flu the entire week. Which always stresses me out, because I get the brunt of the teachers asking me questions I have no idea how to answer. Then there are the exasperated "sigh"s when they ask when Kim will be back, and I answer an honest, "I have no idea. She's pretty sick."

So by Thursday, I was stressed to the max. By noon I was fighting off a massive migraine and I could hardly look at the computer without my eyesight blurring. But, I had a job to do. I went and picked up Denise, we ran errands and grabbed some food in hopes that it would curb the headache. It didn't. I dropped her off and went back to work. Finally I left and went home, took some of my wonderful migraine medication and microwaved a heating bag until it was so hot it felt like it would scorch the top of my head. The only thing my brain can do in times of that much pain is shut down. So I passed out.

I woke up and was shaky. I laid with Denise for an hour or so, and then she started to deal with her boyfriend. Now ex. Hearing how he was talking to her, I was getting upset and flustered. On top of everything else, Michael had called me earlier, when I has hardly coherent, to tell me that after class he was going out with the guys, which almost always means drinking. But that he wouldn't "disappear" and would text me later. Well I hadn't heard from him, at all. And didn't until 9:15pm. He said his phone had died and he'd call me later. Later was 10:15. And while on the phone, he said..."Babe, open the door..it's really cold out here."

Needless to say I was beyond stoked. But the happiness from that moment couldn't carry over into the night, where at 2 a.m. I awoke with piercing migraine #2. Unfortunately, I couldn't pass out this time. I ended up being awake for most of the night. I didn't go to work the next day.

Friday, Michael and I went to the Hanford v. Hanford West game.. which was completely frustrating and awesome. Hanford High managed to win at the last second. The next day, Alison gave me a call and said... "Let's go to Disneyland." And while I give every reason why we can't, Michael says "Absolutely!" After a while, I felt like I needed a break, to do something spontaneous and fun... So off we go.

We packed, Auntie Kari and Uncle Adam watched Duey-Poo, and we left.

You can't help but feel like a kid when you arrive at Disneyland... We all had such a great time. Watching Emma experience everything was amazing... You could see the excitment in her eyes. Luckily she wasn't afraid of the rides. In the end, they passed on a few of the shows, because she was having such a blast on the rides. We took turns with the kids, Alison and Mark managed to spend some alone time together, Michael and I rode all of the rides (I even when on California Screamin' for him.) We took turns sitting with Emma and we all had a chance to sit out with Brody while he lounged in the stroller.

It ended up being a great trip... even though I've been exhausted all week. :)

I'm so blessed to have the family, friends and boyfriend that I do. It's amazing the opportunities we have in this country that we take for granted.

I'm going to try to do less of that this year.

(I'll post a few pictures once Alison send them out.)


  1. ha! Oh the pressure....I will email you pics TODAY!

  2. You didn't mention that you got to hang out with your BESTEST friend . . .



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