Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Too Busy for Lipstick

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Blah blah blah, school, work, family, no time to blog. Now that we got that out of the way, I've been on a search for the perfect lip stain because ain't NOBODY got time for reapplying lipstick. Amirite? I think lip stains were made for people that A. forget to reapply or B. are too busy to reapply or C. have husbands that won't kiss them when they wear lipstick. 

I fall into all three categories, THUS, my search. 

Also, rant time. Bryan can have long hair and put said hair into pony-tails or half up/half down buns and YET he draws the line at kissing me and possibly having purple lips. What. The. Heck. 

I have this entire story to tell you and I need to just get to it. A few weeks ago, I placed an order on armed with a coupon for $5 off, plus there's a sale on Revlon items so I'm stoked. I had heard great things about the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains so I ordered one in the color Parisian Passion and prepared myself for the long wait for it to arrive. Ulta's shipping sucks. 

Later that week, I go to CVS and use the coupon printer there. It spits out a coupon for $5 off $12 of Revlon, plus Revlon is on sale. I pick up two more Colorstay Moisture Stains and I'm stoked because I got three for less than the normal price of two. I was jazzed.

Does anyone say jazzed anymore? They should. 

When my order arrives, much to my chagrin, I realize that when I went to CVS, I had picked up Parisian Passion. UGH! No worries, I'll just exchange it for another color. I head to Ulta last weekend and I exchange the Parisian Passion for another color, Shanghai Sizzle. I'm so stoked to have three of these because they are as good as I've been lead to believe. Check them out if you haven't already.

Imagine my complete frustration when I get home to find that the color I exchanged at Ulta is the same color as the second stain I picked up at CVS. 

So I bought Parisian Passion twice and then I bought Shanghai Sizzle twice. All that to say, I have to go back to Ulta to replace the one I already exchanged and I swear on all that is good and holy, if I pick up Parisian Passion again I'll lose my effin' MIND. 

Like I said though, these Moisture stains are great. In the pictures below, I'm wearing Parisian Passion. It's gorgeous and perfect for fall! 

Isn't his smile just so precious? This photo kills me. However, it is not an accurate representation of how Parisian Passion looks so I'm including this photo. It's a deep burgundy red and bring out the white in your teeth. 

If you have a favorite lipstain, let me know!


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