Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Large Bubble, Please.

You know I met Bryan when we were really young... right? Throughout the past fourteen-ish years that I've been in his life, I've heard the stories of him and his cousins getting hurt.

While building a tree house, Bryan had a 2x4 dropped on his head, which resulted in a lot of blood loss and quite a few staples.

He and his cousins set a doghouse (and then the real house) on fire... I guess they didn't really get hurt but COME ON.

Nurses asked Bryan's cousin Joey if there was abuse at home because he was often getting hurt. (Joey is particularly accident prone, much to his parents horror.)

These are just three examples. They is PLENTY more. It's no secret that the Vickers boys get hurt. All the time. And you know what?


The kid won't stop getting injured. It's absolute insanity. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the next phone call or video chat where I see my kid banged up in some way or another.

SO FAR - After Shepherd's first birthday party, a propped up table slid and pinned him to the ground. He had a scrap on his head but otherwise, was okay.

He got a random cut at my mother in laws house, one that he didn't even cry over. We didn't notice it until much later and when we asked him what happened he just looked at us blankly. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't a little scrape either!

Bryan was building my library (you'll see it soon enough!) and Shepherd walked RIGHT INTO a corner.

He falls down constantly. He runs everywhere he goes but his running is still that toddler, not quite stable type of run... so he trips and falls constantly. Instead of looking where he is going, he will look at whatever toy is in his hand and will just trip on whatever toy, book, rug, pillow, stuffed animal, etc that is on the floor and he'll go flying.

Well, that's kind of what happened a few weeks ago.

Shep was walking around with a toy and he tripped over something and fell face (eye) first into a metal cupboard organizer. Here is his eye an hour after it happened...

And then his eye a few days later...

Thankfully nothing happened to his actual eye and it healed up really quickly. You can barely see the shadow of the bruise in the photo I posted a few days ago. I wish I could just put him in a bubble so that he could roam and explore without getting hurt. All of these happened in between April and October. I know it's only going to get worse as he learns to really run and ride a bike, skateboard, rollerblades and play sports. Oh man. This is only the beginning. Ultimately, he's just got to learn to slow down and think things through on his own. Until then, I guess I'll just have to keep the snuggles and band-aids readily available.

Being a boy is tough. Being the mom of a boy is worse. Being the mom of a Vickers boy is downright frightful!

He's totally worth all those extra gray hairs. ;)


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