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October 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag (Value, Swatches and Reviews!)

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What is better than an Ipsy Glam Bag review with pictures taken with zero natural light because they were taken at 9:30 at night, after a hours and hours of homework?!

Nothing, obviously.

I am working like a madwomen trying to get all of my homework done so that I can celebrate my five year anniversary without it hanging over my head! Yup! This weekend marks five years that I've been married to my musician and I want to spend it relaxing as much as possible!

So, forgive me if this post is a little loony tunes. Let's get to reviewing this Ipsy Glam Bag! 

The October 2014 Glam Bag is themed Beauty Candy although, if I'm being honest... I don't know why. I mean... I don't feel like this bag is candy-esque in any way. There is nothing in the bag that smells like candy. And nothing tastes like candy either. Don't ask me how I know that. Ha! It's because it's October. Halloween = candy. Still, instead of fall colored items, we should have gotten like vibrant purple lipstick and eyelashes that had feathers attached or something. However, I loved the bag. It leans a little blue in the picture but it'd say it's a little more green in real life, but its very cute and it will definitely be something I use consistently! And, if you are new here, Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that costs $10 a month. A subscriber receives four to five deluxe size samples (with the occasional full size thrown in!) and a cosmetic bag monthly. 


This month, the bag held some cleanser wipes, a mini lipstick, Mango scented hand cream, eyeshadow pigment and some false lashes! I like when the bag comes with three to four cosmetic items and one to two skincare items. It's a nice ratio, in my opinion! 

What: Figs & Rouge Mango & Mandarin Shea Butter Hand Cream (20ml)
Value: $6.56
Review: This UK-based brand is made with pure and natural ingredients. If you are expecting this hand cream to be really thick and heavy you couldn't be more wrong. It's one of those creams that is not watery at all, but it kind of has that texture where it just disappears and dries really fast when you spread it. You need a little more than with a typical thick hand cream to cover the surface area of your hands but the formula absolutely softens your hands. I have this weird complex where I ABHOR lotion and I specifically don't like that greasy feeling on my hands. I will often lotion my arms, legs, etc and then wash my hands because I just can't stand it. This hand cream does not bother me in the slightest! The scent is fresh, and while I feel like I'm more of a vanilla girl than a Mango one, the scent doesn't stick around long enough to become obnoxious in any way! 


What: Noyah Deeply In Mauve Lipstick 
Value: $4.50~
Review: This is an all natural brown-red (very Kylie Jenner) lipstick that is very pretty, very creamy and is not sticky. Other than applying it once to check it out, I haven't worn it to see the lasting power of the product. Typically, natural products don't last as long as preservative filled ones, which doesn't bother me in the slightest. When I swatched it, I didn't notice any staining of the skin or any emphasis on dry, cracked lips (which mine are since the weather is all over the place, going from cold to hot in a moments notice) which is really great! I think I'm going to love this product and I can't wait to check out other items from the brand!

Here is a swatch of Deeply in Mauve along with a swatch of the Mineral Eye Shadow pigment in Harlequin!


What: Mica Beauty Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in Harlequin
Value: $14.95
Review: This is an interesting product. I want to preface what I'm about to say with this, I haven't worn this loose eye shadow on my eyes. However, this is what I've noticed so far. The packaging has a typo. The back lists my color as 'Harliquin' while the website spells it correctly as 'Harlequin'. Okay, no big deal. But the eye shadow I received is definitely green. The picture on their website looks silvery. The pigment swatched beautifully, but I noticed that when I wiped it off, it left a brown stain. I am almost willing to bet that when I wear this, my oily eye lids will break it down and I'll end up just having a patchy, brown stained eyelid. I hoping that isn't the case, but I'm not optimistic. 


Value: $2.99
Review: I love false lashes! I'm still a total novice and applying them but I am learning and getting better. I'll wear them semi-regularly and then stop and for me, it's not like riding a bike! I get worse the longer I go without wearing them. I love that these are natural looking. The lashes aren't extremely long which I like because I have small, hooded eyes. I haven't applied these but I know I'll like them! Can't wait to play with them. 


Value: $5.00
Review: As I sat down to write up this post, I realized that I hadn't taken my make up off and that this would be a perfect time to use these cloths! I had extremely sensitive skin and these were abrasive on my skin and not in a good way. The scent didn't bother me much, but dang, did my skin feel uncomfortable. I immediately went to wash my face. I would NOT recommend using this to clean off eye make up if you have sensitive eyes, however, on the rest of the face I think it could be fine. The formula definitely broke down the make up really fast, so that was nice!


Total Value: $34.00
Overall Thoughts: I joined Ipsy because I like trying new brands. In this bag, there was only one brand I've received before in an Ipsy bag and one brand I have purchased before. Trying three new products from three new brands for $10 is totally worth it to me! While I wouldn't say I absolutely love any of these items, I like the variety and I have some new brands to check out. I would say I'm mostly excited to see what else Noyah has to offer! 

So that's my review! I actually feel like I didn't get too crazy, even though it's really late now! I only rambled on like once or twice. Pretty decent, all things considered! What did you think about the items I received? Have you signed up for Ipsy yet? Do it and let me know what you think!


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