Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Brain Dump

Pumpkins we carved with our life group. Mine is the bat, Bryan's is the diabolical face in the middle. 

Yesterday was Halloween and it took a while, but we did get some trick or treaters! There were only a few that weren't dressed up, but they were walking younger siblings and I respect that, yo.

Our house, decorated for Halloween. Simple, yet....awesome.

As we speak, I am watching the CMT CMA Red Carpet and ooohing and aaaahing over all of the pretty dresses. I do get irritated when I see a male country musician in a baseball cap - I mean come on! At an awards show? I don't care if that's your thing. You take that baseball cap off!

Anyways...I went to work today even thought I was sick. Around 1 my boss was so tired of hearing me sneeze, blow my nose and hack up gross stuff that she sent me home. I didn't end up getting out of there until 2 though because I wouldn't leave until everything was done for the day. I'm not sure how I'll feel tomorrow but I hope I can make it to work!

This past weekend Bryan and I caught up on the latest episode of Parks and Recreation and I FREAKED OUT about Leslie and Ben getting engaged. Totally awesome. I love their story arc and I love the show in general. They are a perfect balance.

Sophie, our new puppy, is in lockdown mode. You know what? Potty training is possibly the worst thing in the world. She got in biiiiig trouble today when she peed on our wood floor. She should know better by now AND I had just taken her out. Luckily she is cute.

Our Sophie girl. :)

One of my good friends, Colleen, married my childhood friend, Jordan almost one year ago! I can't believe that it's already been a year. It was photos at her wedding that really made me decide to start losing weight. Since January, I've lost over 20lbs, 1st trimester of pregnancy hasn't been a hindrance either. This baby is either gonna LOVE food or be incredibly picky about it. Both worry me. ;)

But seriously, my pregnancy has been pretty blessed when you consider that I haven't throw up even once. I just feel icky and tired all the time, and I literally have to shove food down my throat at times just so I know the baby is getting some type of nourishment. Saturday, I will start week 14 of pregnancy and I'm hoping that as I wade deeper into the waters that is second trimester, food will become a friend not a foe.

Cali & Sophie 11-1-12


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