Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Morning of Manicures

I talked Bryan into getting a manicure.

A friend of ours is in beauty school finishing up her hours and she has been asking every friend she has to come in. She reasons that the more friends she works on the less random people she has to touch. Haha

AND for both of us to get manicures was $7.20. So it was worth it.

Bryan was worried that manicures hurt. Its amazing that he would think millions of women spend $15-30 on something that was painful. Its a relaxing treat!

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed my manicure and I think Bryan was won over too. For someone that uses his hands (for guitar playing) he should take better care of them.

The rest of the day will be a full one! We are going to grab lunch, go to my father-in-laws girlfriends house to practice shooting guns, and then when Bryan takes off to Harris Ranch, Denise and I will head to the gym to work off our shame of eating Long John Silvers last night. Then its off to Kari and Adams house for puzzle night!!

It may not be much, but this has all the makings for a great Saturday. :)


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