Friday, August 5, 2011

Lit Up

I'm gearing up for a huge entryway post - but until I get it finished we'll have to settle for looking at the lighting fixtures I am debating. Aren't you excited? I know I am!

First of all, when you walk into my house, you are greeted with a narrow-ish entryway. Its probably about 5 to 6 feet wide. Walled. It's like stepping into a CAVE. It doesn't help that my front doors are solid wood and therefore, give no natural light when the sun is out. Super duper.

The entryway opens up to a "great room." At first glance, you can see my dining area, living room and sitting area. I decided that to create a cohesive flow between the rooms, whatever color I painted the entryway would be the same color on the farthest wall that you see when you enter the house.

So... I did.

And I love it.


Then my hubs hung some stuff in the entryway... My sister, Denise and I decorated and it looks okay. Not finished. Just okay. It looks even better when there is not crap everywhere.

Moving on.

I have already picked out the doors I want.

I just need it fabricated for my double-door entryway. Cottage-y ain't it?

Sooner or later I'll have my doors, but until then I need a good light. Here are the ones that are in the running.

I'm sure you have noticed a theme. These are all 'outdoorsy' and are pretty small. There is a reason. The space I have to work with is small. The ceiling heighth is only about 7 1/2 - 8 feet. I can't have a grandiose chandelier in there.

What I thinking is that I'll put a nice bright light in there and add four recessed lighting units later on. I'll have two switches, one for the outside lights, one for the main lighting fixture in the entryway and a dimmer on the recessed lighting. That way I have full operational control over what lighting is on, and how bright it is.

I already have my favorite... I just need to show Bryan, measure a few things and hopefully we'll pick the same one! :)


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