Monday, October 18, 2010

A Different Decision

Yesterday, Bryan and I went to Fresno to do a little shopping and to see a movie. After 'The Social Network' we went to the Elephant Bar and had a few drinks and some dessert. We were talking about how we needed to work on the structure of our days and to spend our time more wisely. So, today I made a real effort in being better.

Here are a few simple things I did to change my normal routine:

-I woke up ten minutes earlier than normal so that I would arrive 5 minutes early to work instead of right on time... with make-up on.

-When I got home, I organized my meal plan for this week. Taking care to implement what I already have so I don't spend what I don't have to.

-I watched a little TV before Bryan got home and rested.

-I spent a few moments chatting with Bryan about our days and various other things.

-I started dinner before I was hungry and made sure not to rush. I tend to want until I'm hungry to eat and then I rush through and say things like "That's good enough." And eat it. Even if its NOT good enough. I made a yummy dinner, and managed to get a grunt of approval from the hubs. :)

-Instead of sitting down after cooking to watch TV and relax while Bryan cleaned up, I talked with him, changed out my checkbook and wrote a payment. Then I started some laundry and put my purse back together for tomorrow.

-When Bryan was finished with the kitchen, he found me on my computer surfin' the net. So, he sat down and played a little Wii. When I was finished, he started Arrested Development and now we are watching, cuddled on the couch, eating Halloween candy that we definitely don't need.

All the changes were simple decisions but they really made a difference to my day. I feel accomplished. And it makes me happy. It also makes me want to pass out like my Cali-girl. :)

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