Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All good things...

End with a trip to the emergency room. Say-WHAT?

I wish that I could say I ended up in the ER because I went sky-diving and hit my head on a bird on the way down so I had to go get checked out... 

Or I pulled an Evel Knievel and did a little of this:


But, I didn't. I went to the ER because my brain was THISCLOSE to exploding on Sunday night. We should rewind to the beginning, though. 

Friday, (Oct. 8) was my birthday, and I always try to get my birthday off if it's a Friday. My boss, Kim, approved the request and I went to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, since I had never been there before! I loved seeing the animals, but it also made me really sad too. I can't help but feel like they should be in their natural habitat. Those pens are just so tiny. It hurts my heart. 

Nonetheless, I enjoyed seeing all the different animals and I was able to get a few good pictures... 

Obviously, I was dying to see the elephants. Look how CUTE they are. I was practically begging them to get in the water and play. Of course, animals almost never do what you want them to do. They were both kind of swaying to their own music though. They are so beautiful. 

I had SUCH a great afternoon with my friends (who will remain nameless, to protect the innocent). Thank you for coffee, lunch, and accompanying me to FCZ. It was awesome. :)

For dinner, Bryan and I met up with my sisters and their husbands. We went out to dinner at Fugazzi's. It was so fun. There is definitely never a dull moment when the all six of us get together. We ended up going to Kari and Adam's house after and we all kind of pooped out on the couch. We watched The Office. It was a great ending to a long day.

On Saturday, Bryan and I busted our rumps to get the house in order for my little birthday get-together that night. Luckily we pulled it together. Oh how I wish we had taken pictures! I'm so bad at that. But I had a really fantastic time with my friends and family. Thank you to everyone who help pull Saturday night off and who came and celebrated with me. Love you all!

Kari and Adam held their gender party on Sunday evening, and about 30 of their friends and family members attended to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. 

Now, the minute Kari told me she was pregnant, I KNEW it was a boy. I just knew it down to my toes. And guess what? 

(Stolen from Kari's Facebook page, cause I'm a ninja.)

IT'S A BOY! I knew it. I'm amazing. And I am SO HAPPY for Adam and Kari. Congrats!

After receiving such happy news you would think that I would go home and dream of all the ways I'll be able to spoil my nephew when he arrives next year... but no. At around 10 that night I felt a migraine coming on. I immediately took my medicine and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later with a BLINDING headache. I had Bryan heat up my... I don't know what to call it... bag of corn? Heating bag of kernels that don't pop into yummy food? Anyways, it was so hot that it made lava seem like ice cream. And it didn't help. He rubbed my back, nada. I knew that this was a loosing battle. I had no medicine, none of my tricks were working. I was completely. screwed. 

I started to cry, and Bryan begged me to stop because it would only get worse. Finally, I started to feel really nauseous. And then I knew, this wasn't going to go away. There is no way I would be able to fight this. It was now 1:30 in the morning and I told Bryan that I needed help. I needed to go to the hospital. 

A few minutes that I don't really remember later, we were at the hospital. Bryan gave them all my information, and we got moved into a room in the back. The nurse asked me a ton of questions that I again, don't remember. I was really just focusing on not throwing up. I don't remember asking, but Bryan got on of those bags that you throw up in from the front desk and kept it close to me. 

Finally, the doctor arrived and asked me more questions. Again, I don't really remember what he asked me. But I DO remember him moving to touch my the back of my head. He asked if it hurt, and I remember saying yes. Then he tilted my head up, which was a REALLY bad idea cause I threw up every where. I managed to block my mouth with my hand, and Bryan moved the bag in front of my face, so I hope I didn't get it on the ol' Doc. But I did manage to get it on me, my pillow, and a little bit on Bryan. 

I honestly can't tell you WHY a migraine gets to a certain point where you cannot hold your stomach. I think that the pain just gets so bad that you have to relieve pressure somewhere. I don't know. All I know is that other migraine-sufferers that I have spoken to will base how bad the migraine is on 1. how blurred your vision is and b. if you are nauseous and/or throw up.

So, the doctor, now standing across the room from me, probably terrified of getting more nastiness on his white coat,  said he'd like me to get a CT scan and that they were going to give me a shot and I'd have to wait there for a while. In came the morphine. I remember that I kept telling myself not to tense up, cause then my butt would hurt forever, but due to the communication problems between my brain and I, I tensed. And my butt STILL hurts. TMI? Oh well. Once you say it in blog-land you can't un-say it. All you can do is issue an apology or tell them to go fly a kite. Guess which one I'll pick if people get offended? 

On the plus side, I got to ride in a wheel chair to the room with the donut machine. The only bad thing is that I barely remember the ride, or the test itself. I do remember waking up in the original room and kind of zoning in and out of consciousness. One time, Bryan tripped on something and almost went down into a bunch of cabinets. Which is hilarious now that I'm thinking about it. The doctor gave me a prescription for Vicodin and we left. It was about 4 at this time. I don't remember the ride home or getting into bed. All I know is that I stayed there for the next 13 or so hours. 

It was fun. Doesn't it sound fun? I know. Everyone wishes they were me.

Can I say one thing though? I wish, wish, WISH that Bryan would get a migraine. I wish that he would just get ONE, horrible, rotten, no-good migraine where he was throwing up and thinking that being shot in the head would feel better than this migraine continuing. Because, Boy doesn't know how to be sympathetic at all. On Tuesday, he asked me, "What's wrong with you? Why are you still messed up?" It's like... seriously? 

Brains have to sustain SOME kind of damage after a migraine happens. And brains need to heal. Sleeping for almost 24 hours is not enough to get your brain functioning back to normal, where you can go to work, unpack boxes and cook dinner. No siree!

Cook your own damn tacos, is what I say.


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