Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looking for a Miracle.. or Two......or Three???

Yesterday, I woke up with the feeling that it was going to be a good day... for the most part, it was. I got to do some reading, visit Anna's new apartment, swim at my Moms and watch a little TV.. Unfortunately, while cuddling with Beanie, I fell asleep. I thought I had just dozed off for a little while and checked my phone to see what time it was.

Was it just a ten minute nap? No. It Wasn't. I fell asleep for an hour and a half. It was 4:57... I had plans at 6:00pm. Needless to say, I was late. Which set the tone for my plans. The night ended up being pretty crappy, despite getting four, really cute/cheap small blue vases from Pier 1. (Love that store.) Did I mention they were cheap? I paid $4.27 for them. Yeah, I know.

So, the night ends up with me in tears. Don't ask how it happened, but it did. I rarely ever cry. I was super frustrated. After that the night got a little better... then it got a lot worse. I had a migraine. My migraines have really been lightening up lately, but every time I am close to my 'time of the month' I will get a migraine. And I did last night. And no, it wasn't just a 'I want to blow my brains migraine'... it wasn't even a 'I want to place my head in a vice and twist the nob until there is enough pressure to stop the pain migraine.' No... it was a 'I want to completely detach my head, sell it on the black market, buy a new head, attach that head, and pray that the person whose head I now have does not suffer from headaches or migraines.' It was one of my epic hallucinatory migraines that I Just Love So Much.

Luckily, I had an (expired) Maxalt.. so I took that with two Aleves. I was in and out of sleep consciousness and then I completely woke up and my migraine turned into the throwing up kind. Ugh. I HATE the throwing up migraines.

Needless to say, I didn't make it to church today. But I did attend home group, so I don't feel too horrible. I also made it to Target to buy some new storage for my laundry room. I was perusing different blogs and one gave me an idea, so we'll see if it works.

After I finished putting everything together, Denise and I headed over to my Moms to go swimming. It was Glorious. We played games, tanned a little, swam a lot. It felt awesome.

We got home, did some cleaning up and Denise made dinner AND dessert. She's like the best popcorn popper ever. If people gave awards for that kind of thing, she would get one. For sure.

This weekend was pretty much a bust. I did have a few good moments. However, I had hoped that this weekend would be refreshing since this week I'm going to be working like a dog to get everything perfect for the auditors that will be coming on July 5 and 6. Please pray that I have the energy to get everything done and that the auditors take it easy on a first year. I'll let you know how it fairs.

Well, a little more laundry to do and I'm done for the day. Hope your weekend was filled with tons of good things.

PS... Please pray that the neighbors that smoke near our swamp cooler decide suddenly to quit for their health. Having cool air that smells like smoke is no bueno. Especially when you are standing right in front of it and it assaults you in the face. Actually, lets pray that the owners of the house decide to go ahead and put an air conditioner on the house. Yes... both of those are long shots... but God can move mountains. I have faith that He'll work it out!

PSS... I just had a two minute rant about how both Family Guy and American Dad had shows about how being gay is normal, natural and is okay. And Denise wonders why we watched part of the Charlies Angels marathon (a Farrah Fawcett tribute, so they were the older ones.) THIS IS WHY. Yes... Gay people, you are loved. Jesus loves you. I love you. But that doesn't make your lifestyle right... and it certainly shouldn't be conveyed to young kids (who have no business watching either of those shows) as okay. It's not okay. I'm sorry. I love you...but it's just not.

PSSS... I think I am super hormonal... *steps off soapbox.*


  1. I give MYSELF the "Best Popcorn Popper Award". :)

  2. I awarded you the Honest Scrap Award! Check out my blog for details.


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