Sunday, June 21, 2009

July 15, Not Soon Enough.

So, as we all know from this post, you know I am very excited about the sixth movie installment of the Harry Potter series.

If you don't FULLY understand how excited I am, let me help you.

1) Last week during work I was alone a lot. Usually, I would put on a Pandora station and get to work. On Monday night, I laid in bed to go to sleep and all I could do was think about this movie. I told my Mom and Larry at Figueros on Friday that I literally could NOT fall asleep because I made myself SO excited for the movie... So on Tuesday, instead of my beloved Pandora, I went here and let the trailer play over and over (and over and over and over) again.

2) My new friend Anna shares my love for Harry Potter, (as well as books, libraries, movies and hong kong... Yeah, she basically rocks.) SO...we decided to get together (and drag Denise along, hehe) yesterday to have a HARRY POTTER MOVIE MARATHON. And eat junk food. After getting food at the always DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS Port-Of-Subs we started our marathon right around 12:40. We watched, we ate, we ALL fell asleep during HP and the Chamber of Secrets, and it was a blast! We watched until 11:00 at night and Still Didn't Finish. So...

3) Since we are getting tickets on pre-sale (I've already emailed Lemoore Cinemas to get info cause I'm crazy) and going to the midnight showing (if not at Lemoore then Fresno) we decided that we'd get together before hand to eat dinner and watch the fifth movie, so that we can be FRESHLY reminded of it for this movie.

If those three things don't show you how excited I am, I don't know what will... maybe that I am contemplating purchasing a Entire Outfit from

I know. I know. But you have to admit... better that I am into a book/movie series than into drinking and drugs... Am I right or am I right? :)

On another front, today is Fathers Day, and I'd like to shout out a big THANK YOU to all the Daddy's out there, especially my own and the father figures God has placed in my life. I appreciate and love you so much.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Yup. I'm awsome, it's true. :) And p.s. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED IT'S RIDICULOUS! oh, and p.p.s. don't forget about a ticket for my sis when you hear back from the theatre, por favor. She would kick my ass... well, she'd try anyways.


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