Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It Began Naturally...

On December 30, I took this selfie. I was taking regular pictures of my body now, since I was overdue and I figured the baby would come at any time. I took back the onesie I had purchased in hopes that she would make her appearance before Christmas. No such luck. 

On December 31st, We took Mr. Shepherd to the park near our house to run around, chase ducks, be chased by ducks and to play in the sand in the volleyball court. He had a great time and it was good for me to walk. I was getting so anxious. 

I also made Hot Cocoa Sugar Cookies for New Years Eve, which turned out pretty good! It was my first time making a ganache and I nailed it. Also, its much easier than I thought! Shepherd went to bed late and I ended up being getting to be around 1:30am and Bryan was up even later. He had spent most of the evening of New Years Eve switching out toilets, taking down our hideous microwave, and generally making a huge mess in our otherwise clean house. I was not stoked at all. I could not even understand what would motivate him to switch the front and back toilets on this night of ALL nights, but it ended up being a really, really good decision.

However, the urgency on his part must have been a God thing, because at 5:30 the next morning, I was woken up with contractions. I was officially in early stage labor after only four hours of sleep. I got up, cleaned and straightened the house. I was restless and I wanted to keep moving so that the contractions didn't stop. 

They tapered out a bit in the mid morning, so we went for a walk. This, beautiful picture of me layered up with a night gown, pajama pants, slippers, sweatshirt, scarf AND jacket is the very last picture of me pregnant and not in labor, and you can't even see the belly. DANG IT PAST MEGAN.

My sisters came over in the afternoon to hang out with me and distract me from the pain at about 2:30pm. We ate some panera and just talked. They took off and came back later in the night. I was in active labor from about 6:30pm on. The soup and sandwich I had eaten was the last real food I would eat during my labor and the four hours of sleep that I had gotten the night before would be the only sleep I would have the luxury of having for the next 72 hours.

My sisters and I took this picture at Kari's birth in December...

So I said we should take one at my birth too. I look much more tense than Kari did, haha!

Then we all just kind of hung out while Bryan was supporting me in labor and Shepherd was watching TV. I was getting really nauseous at this point, so I clutched onto a trash bag for dear life. Things were revving up a bit and on of our midwifes came to check on me while the other went to check on another lady, then she came to me and brought me the birthing stool.

We really didn't have any idea how long this would go. Shepherd went to bed and we continued on into the night. 


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