Monday, September 14, 2015

September 2015 Ipsy Bag (& Value!)

I received my Ipsy bag late last week and finally had a chance to take pictures of the contents. They uh, didn't come out great but hey, it's what I got.

If you are still deciding whether or not you should sign up for the monthly subscription service that Ipsy provides, I can't recommend it enough. They have good products for a great price! 

This month the bag was incredibly cute. I don't typically like the style of zipper on this bag, but because its longer than the ones I've had before, I actually liked it! The color is a really pretty shimmery gold, but its extremely tasteful. Shepherd was obsessed with it and kept carrying it around calling it a satchel!

My bag had five products in it. A lotion, a concealer brush, mini nail polish, an eyeshadow palette and a nude lipstick! 

Price: $16 (set of 4, each 3mL)
Value: $5.33
Review: I haven't been able to use this yet. I'm not in a nail painting kind of mood at the moment, but I do have spurts where my nails are always painted. I think this is such a gorgeous red and I'm really excited to try it! I've seen this brand in Sephora and heard relatively good things. Great color for fall, so yay!

Product: NYX Trio (Specific for Ipsy)
Price: $6
Value: $6
Review: I've had Nyx eyeshadows before and they are hit and miss. This shadow has some really pretty colors. The lightest color on the very left is extremely light. It doesn't swatch well. I'm thinking that would be best used as an inner corner highlight and on the brow bone. The bronze shade is gorgeous for all over the lid, but while the picture shows the darkest color as a rich brown, it's actually quite dark and swatches almost black. You would definitely need to supplement this palette with a mid tone matte brown, if you wanted to do a smokey eye. The two lighter colors are shimmery and the dark brown is a satin/matte. I appreciate having the matte color to help blend things out. I can't wait to try this on my eyes! I haven't been wearing eyeshadow all that frequently because something is causing me to have itchy eyelids. I know. Totally random. I'm still trying to narrow down what is the cause, so I've been trying not to integrate anything new into my routine!

Price: $18 (Full size 12.685fl. oz)
Value: $1.77 (Sample Size 1.25fl. oz)
Review: I'm sorry to say that I haven't smelled this, not because I haven't wanted too but because I can't smell at the moment. I'm sick. However, the consistency is thin, it spreads easily and does not feel greasy. It sinks in very easily. It's not a thick hand cream but I think it would be a good every day lotion. We'll see how it works over time. Until then, I'm going to chuck this in my purse. My hands have been drier than usual because I go to the restroom so frequently, thus, lots of hand washing. The branding/packaging of this company is ridiculous. Whomever they have doing the job they need to keep them on! 

Price: $2.98
Value: $2.98
Review: Crown Brush really has some solid brushes. This one is really soft but really small. I can't see really using it for concealer, because it's too small to utilize under the eyes (that would take forever) and too large for spot concealing. I think this would make a great cream eyeshadow brush! It's small enough for the eyelid, thick enough to pack on the cream shadow and large enough to set a good base. I haven't been disappointed with a brush from this line yet!

Product: tre'StiQue - Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Nantucket Nude
Price: $28.00
Value: $14.00
Review: To be fair, I couldn't find how much product the full size contains, but it has both a lip crayon and a balm, so I decided to put half of the price as the value. That may be an overstatement on my part. Now, to the review, this is a very peachy-pink nude. The website says that it is lightweight and smooth, which I agree with. It wipes way pretty quickly, so re-application is frequent. It's a nice color, I think not super suitable on yellow/olive tones. It looks a bit funny on me.

The entire value of the bag comes to $30.08. If my memory serves, this is one of the lowest value bags I've had...ever. But it still is $19.33 higher than what I paid! I may have been generous with the lip crayon, but as long as the bags come in well over $10.75, it's a win for me!

Have you signed up for the Ipsy bag yet?!


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