Monday, February 9, 2015

All Aboard the SofaBoat!

Turning our two couches into a SofaBoat has been a tradition in our family since we became one. Bryan and I would push the two couches together when we were first married. We'd cuddle up to lounge and watch movies. It is one of our favorite family things to do. Adding Shepherd to the mix makes it even better. 

Bryan and I have largely opposite schedules so spending family time together is rare, let alone having much alone chill time. On Saturday night, Papa and Lee asked if Shepherd could spend the night with them and we figured he's old enough to enjoy the experience. Plus, Shepherd in the morning is something everyone should experience. His morning cuddles are the best. So, we decided now was as good a time as any and it was good that we were in the same town for his first night away from us! 

As you can see, he was pretty excited to go! Oh, did I mention that this was the first night that Bryan and I have both slept away from him? We had planned on my going to go out to Harris Ranch with Bryan for his gig and to spend the night, but after that huge school project, I just wasn't up for it. So, unbeknownst to Bryan, I planned a low-key night at home! 

I moved the couches (all by myself) to SofaBoat position, rented Get On Up from Redbox, and laid out our favorite pajamas. I went to Target to pick up some of our favorite movie theater candy and threw a cozy blanket down. I wanted a really cozy atmosphere so I lit some PartyLite tealights. I think Bryan was pretty surprised when he walked in! I even set up two ottomans, one to help getting into the SofaBoat and one to hold coffee/remotes. :) 

Of course we made sure the SofaBoat was still together for Shepherd once we picked him up from Papa and Lee. He loves it. Actually, it's still together. As I write this, we are all chilling in the boat. Well, not Shepherd he's climbing all over Bryan. We love SofaBoat!

We loved the movie and didn't end up getting into any of the snacks. We spent time working in the studio and Bryan built my sewing table! I'm so excited to learn to sew. You know, in-between school, work, mom-ing/wife-ing, the blog, Lauriana Cosmetics, LC's blog, and various video projects. :) 

Hope you had a great weekend! 


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