Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Double Eye Infection

I'm writing to you from home today because I have a double eye infection. The worst part is that anything I used on my eyes (makeup wise) has to be thrown out. No, I guess the worst part is feeling like I have sandpaper in my eyes. The second worse part is the makeup thing.

Of course on the day that I have a conference in Fresno and just a busy, homework rich week I'm struck down with some insane eye thing. I got up early this morning and was at the walk in clinic when it opened. I was the second patient seen and the nurse practitioner said that "this" has been going around.

He never said what "this" was. Bryan went to get me a couple movies, a coffee and some disinfecting wipes and most importantly, the eyedrops. Two drops every four hours for seven days. There are two bottles.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate putting stuff in my eyes? Like, legitimately loathe anything going near my eye. I am supposed to wear glasses but the last prescription I have was before I was pregnant and when I wear them I feel jacked up. But I don't want to go to the eye doctor because it's always a fight. I won't let him dilate my eyes. Once, they made me do that blowing air test and the first time, I didn't know what to expect. The second time I winced while having a major inner meltdown. They tried to do the right eye twice and I walked out.

I ended up getting a migraine from that experience.

My eyes have always and will always be super sensitive. I don't like anything touching my eyeball. Ever. When I tightline my eyes with eye liner, I gently lift the lid away from the eyeball so that it never, ever, ever touches. I don't even like my own fingers to touch my eyeball. So 1. I don't know how this eye infection happened because I never touch my eyeball and 2. this is absolutely torture.

Towards the end of the day I have to wash all my bedding, especially my pillow cases and my towels/wash cloths. I'm contagious for about 24 hours, but he said that it's only if I touch my eyes and then touch someone else. Which I don't do anyways.

I have to be at work tomorrow so I'm just going to go in and wipe down my desk, work, wipe it down again and leave. Ugh. I just remembered that I have chinese food in the fridge that I wanted to lunch today. Gosh DARN IT. Stupid eyes.

Oh! And did I mention that although my body feels fine and my mind is sharp, my eyes are so sensitive that watching too much TV/YouTube/Reading/Anything starts to make my head hurt. I've spent most of my morning just lying in bed with my eyes closed thinking about life.

Do you want to know the WORST THING you can do to someone that has anxiety and depression? Corner them in a room and give them absolutely nothing else to do but think. They'll be mad in no time.

Happy Hump Day!

PS. My sister made me go to a hybrid pilates/yoga class yesterday and I am also sore. I'm happy to have worked out but wish it wasn't followed by cabin fever in my bedroom. Hate you, Kari! (Love you too, though!)


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