Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's really nice to have a low key week this week since last week was pretty busy. And the weekend was busy too.

Alison and family came to visit, which is always bittersweet. It's sweet while they are here, bitter when they leave. I wish they just lived here already so that we could hang out whenever we wanted. I'm keeping it in my prayers, but ultimately I want God's will to be done in their lives. If the best place for them to be is Chula Vista/San Diego then that is where they should be.

Anyway, we celebrated Brody's first birthday on May 2, which was really fun. Then my entire family (Dad and Delia, Mom and Larry) all managed to sit in the same church (IN THE SAME ROW) without too difficulty. It's always kind of awkward. I pray that that phase will end by the time I'm ready to be married, because right now, I'm leaning towards running away and eloping rather than having some weird awkward ceremony...Yuck.

Anyways, today isn't going to be a very long post, but I wanted to update you on a few things.

My boss is on vacation - pray for me. Every time she leaves people go crazy.
I've started writing a book...and so far I'm really happy with it. I blame Ryan....more on that later though.

I finally bought a memory card for my phone so I wanted to post a few pictures that I have been meaning to post for like... ever. So enjoy!

Today is Danny Boy's 4th Birthday... I couldn't resist posting a picture of him. :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Brody that I had on my old Samsung phone.. Look at those eyes and that tongue! Sooo adorable.

Duey in a swing at a newer park in town... he was freakin out!

Sandi in a swing... Just chillin.

My Mom and I eating filhose (sp./ Portuguese Doughnuts) on fat Tuesday... we sent this picture to make Alison jealous. :)

My friend Scott wearing a bag on his head. We worked at Blue Sky Aviation together and sometimes he'd entertain me. He does things like that. (Obviously, this is an oldie, but goody. Scott lives in Texas and works in Louisiana now and I miss his dorky self. hehe)


  1. Umm....'scuse me...where's all the awesome pictures if me and you???

  2. HI! I thought that picture that I took of Brody was lost forever when I lost my blackberry!!! Thanks for posting it! :)


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