Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sprinkled with Love

Apparently this is event week at Embrace the Crazy! My sisters threw me the sweetest Sprinkle (which is a term used for a smaller, more intimate baby shower) this past Sunday. It was absolutely stunning. When they asked me, I said I loved the gold/light pink combination, but not too much pink. Alison, of course, is the former wedding planner turned wedding educator, and she ran with it. Bryan created the invitations and we had them printed at Costco. My sisters drew their inspiration from the invitation. 

Kari ordered these amazing cookies from Customiced Cakes here in Hanford - search Amy on Facebook! She's amazing. My friend Colleen uses her for all of her events and even gifted me the cake at Shepherd's shower from her. So delicious! Kari had an idea of what she wanted and she said that Amy nailed it. The cookies were stunning!!!

Alison went and picked up the flowers and they arranged them themselves. Seriously. I adored them. I loved that they went with white and green. It felt so...elegant. I was blown away! They put so much hard work into it and it shower. I loved the satin ribbon in the middle of the table too. It was all just perfect.

My four moms (haha) and my sisters all pitched in the for menu. There were sandwiches, chinese salad, kale salad, potato salad, fruit salad, pasta salad - all the salads! Of course, Alison made her amazing deviled eggs. The whole menu was stuff I love to eat (even the sandwiches, I heated the deli meat to kill any listeria and ate them! First sandwich I've had in forever.) and I love the white cake from the bakery at Walmart. Random, but I love it! So they made sure to get those too. They also had mimosa's which was heartbreaking because I wanted one. Haha! 

We ate (I totally went back for seconds) and then I mingled and chatted up everyone. I quickly opened gifts (which I don't have pictures of, but Alison recorded) and I was just overwhelmed by all the girl stuff. It was totally surreal opening up all of these girly things! Nuts. Everything was beautiful and we are so much more prepared for our little Lauriana now!

After gifts we took pictures! I tried to get one with everyone that was there but a few had to leave early. Bummer! 

 I'm so thankful for these wonderful women that support me and have cheered me on this pregnancy! I can't even gush enough about how beautiful my Sprinkle was or how much it meant to me. It was so different than my first. I wasn't swollen and uncomfortable. I wasn't stressed about anything. It all meant so much to me and I don't think it could have been any better.

I'm so excited and anxious for LJ to get here, but I'll distract myself by washing all her ruffly clothes and organizing her new headbands. She already has such a network of strong, diverse women to call on. I'm blessed by each and every one of them!


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