Friday, May 8, 2015

50 Days

School is almost over. I have 50 more days until the Culminating Event.

This has been hard. Really hard. Especially with Bryan being gone most nights, especially working full time and having a toddler. I knew it would be hard. Now that it's close to the end? It's somehow getting simultaneously better and worse. I'm so close to sweet freedom. To having my nights and weekends back. To seeing friends. To seeing family.

Mixed in with school has just been life. I'm managing to live one while juggling everything else, which is a surprising to most, including myself. Lots of changes are on the horizon which, instead of filling me with anxiety, is bringing about a peace. I don't know how any of these things will work out, but in this moment as I type, I feel peace. I feel hope.

One important thing I've been doing outside of work/school/everything else has been putting what resources I can into fighting Senate Bill 277. I'm going to be working on a separate post regarding this bill and what it means for parents.

The last time I posted was in March. What have you missed since March? I'll look at my photos to see....

We had an impromptu dinner at Harris Ranch right before my sister Kari's birthday.

I joined Snapchat.

I went to LA to visit my home-girl Denise....

And attend The Makeup Show - where I increased my makeup skills and spent waaaay to much money. 



We took a fantastic family photo right before the Easter Campout (in which Bryan looks amazing... ;) )

We didn't make it to my Grandma's for Easter so we went the day after.

And there is MUCH more to tell you about. But at least you are caught up to April. I'm not holding myself to blogging with any kind of regularity over the next 50 days BUT after that? I'm coming out swinging. I have lots of plans for this blog that I have been working on even though I haven't been blogging. I know it's been quiet on the front end but I've still been cooking up some fun ideas for the future. 

Until then, I created a Facebook page! Just search Embrace the Crazy and you'll find me. 




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