Thursday, July 2, 2009

Q: Is Eating Raw Spaghetti Noodles Bad for My Dog?

Cause if so, Houston... We have a problem.

Rewind to the beginning.

I borrowed The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks from my Mom. I got home and sat down, thinking to myself, "Oh, I'll read for a little bit to unwind, then I'll get some stuff done in the house." (Unwind because on Monday my auditors will be here... and this entire week has been really stressful and trying in order to get ready for that.... Not to mention that the caterer I was going to meet up with my canceled when I was already on my way. Annoying!!!)

Big. Fat. FAIL.

After a hundred pages or so, my stomach starts to ache a bit. Twenty five more pages and my stomach starts to churn. Seventy five more pages and my stomach is screaming - FEED ME NOW OR YOU WILL REALLY REGRET IT. And just to show it Means Business, my head gets a little twinge of a headache.

I concede, set down my book, realize that I have FOUR text messages (which is a lot, trust me.) and its 7:45. Whooooaaaa.. No wonder I am so hungry. I ate at 11:30 today.

I get up, decide to have some s'getti and I go to the pantry to get the noodles. I look in the usual area and there is nothing but a HUGE box of the noodles. I could have sworn that we had more than this box. Well, I quick scan the shelf above that and I see a smaller box of noodles that seems like it was sealed. I was like.. hmm... wrong placement. Oh well. So I grab it, THINKING that it is sealed. Lo and behold it is not sealed. Nosiree. The wonderful part is that the part closest to me was the bottom, and the part farthest from me was the unsealed part. In my raw Wonder Woman power, I yanked the box spilling noodles every where. Don't believe me? Oh, I have proof.

The damage:

Yes. I kid you not. I was like... Oh. My. Word.

I got the camera because I knew you guys wouldn't, couldn't possibly understand what a mess it was.

I'm taking pictures and when finished, I turn around to see this little guy doing a very naughty thing:

It's almost like he is thinking: Don't look at me, Mom. I'm just hanging out, being innocent.

What? I'm sitting here innocently... Can't you SEE?

Well...You are taking pictures so obviously you are not that mad. I'll just continue doing what I'm doing and you go about your business.

It was a pretty eventful start to my dinner preparation. But my food is now finished and my stomach hasn't gotten any fuller. Time to eat!


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Those pictures of Duey are hilarious! I love him. He's so freaking cute.

    Oh...and guess who put those sketti noodles away in the wrong spot.....*raises hand* GUILTY!!!


    So cute! :) And seriously, love the photo documentation. If you couldn't tell by my blog, I'm ALL about the photos.


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